The Ultimate Guide To Ryan Reynolds Marketing: Tips For Marketing Strategy

In pure Ryan Reynolds fashion, I have been obsessed with his videos so I had to make a blog post about his popularity! Today we will be going through some of the reasons Ryan Reynolds has become a marketing genius in the eyes of several people and how you can use his abilities to boost your company.

Of course, we will be focusing on video marketing in this post because that is the main marketing outlet that I have seen from Ryan. Although, he has also become a national treasure on social media too so his genius goes far beyond his on screen antiques.

By cleverly using his onscreen performances and humour, Ryan Reynolds is running away with the prize for the top marketer of the last 2-3 years. As we have several companies out there that are competing for more marketing supremacy it is hilarious to see one man and his team dominate advertising headlines.

Today we will go through some of his best video ads and over analyze them to make them way more complicated, then they need to be, so you guys can see my skills in marketing analysis. Along the way we will provide you with some tips that you can use in your next video marketing campaigns!

1. Call To Action

The video above shows a little taste of what a bit of call to action and text throughout a video can do for the marketing of your new product. In this case, Ryan was promoting his Detective Pickachu Movie to perfection by using a complicated process that is made simple through the magic of of his video.

Using humour the video takes viewers on a fake “how-to” of the Detective Pickachu makeup process. The reason this is such a clever advertisement is that it is relatable, interesting and grabs attention during the first 3 seconds of the video. Of course, the video is very short which gives you the chance to watch it all in a quick and funny segment.

At the end of the video and after the valuable laugh has been given to the viewer, Ryan gives you the CTA (Call To Action) that gives you the runway to walk down after the video is over.

What can you learn? Call to action is an effective way to gain leads and momentum on your Youtube channel. In the video above, Ryan allowed us to get a good laugh and provided us with enough value for us to want more content. The viewer didn’t have to be greeted with over-complications, it was the perfect way to give you a simple ad that was easy to understand and subscribe to.

2. Omnichannel Themes

If you know anything about Ryan Reynolds and his advertising, there is a common theme that pops up across the entire broad and it is the friendly rivalry with his pal Hugh Jackman. We have seen this done before with Jimmy Kimmel and Mat Damon and it works to perfection!

This is a reoccurring theme among Ryan’s ads and it has helped bring more attention to his ads and provide us with an epic battle of the two movie stars. This is not only funny but also a great example of Omnichannel marketing as this feud crosses over across all their social media outlets along with on concert halls.

Placing your content on multiple channels and continuing a theme can be a very helpful way of keeping your audience interested. In this example, the feud of the two stars has allowed them to continue to make ads that can resonate with their audiences on an ongoing basis.

What can you learn? Be proactive with your ads and try to use the same fonts, colours, or video content themes in your content on different social channels. Make an effort to make reference to themes in past video content so you can create a loyal fan base for your videos. Also, feel free to experiment with different channels like Ryan does and see what happens. I saw on his twitter he printed a ad in a news paper, this is just one of the ways you can be a bit more unorthodox with your marketing too.

3. Consistency Is Key

You know what happens when Ryan Reynolds is promoting his film? He is taking every chance he gets to promote it. Along with other movies that he may have in the works too. This is how you stay consistent with the content that you are promoting, you look for new ways to promote and you do it on a consistent basis.

For Ryan Reynolds, he is the voice of Deadpool and he never makes you forget it as he is promoting a movie within a move within a ad for youtube. He has to be the expert at promoting movies within trailers as I have yet to see anyone do it better… or try for that matter.

Remain on brand and take your content to new levels when you stay consistent with your audience and provide content that will resinate with them. Commit to posting weekly, daily, or monthly but keep doing that for your audience and watch the rewards.

You can also be consistent with everything as we pointed out in our previous point. Be consistent with your brand, image, everything that relates to your business. Don’t get me wrong, there are times to get off the rails with your videos (Sometimes it can go viral like this) but a common theme might allow you to gain a more loyal audience.

What can we learn? Consistency can lead to more views, loyal fanbase, bigger audiences, and as we see in the video above, muscles too…. Well maybe not but it can help you market yourself and allow you to be an authority among your audience. So go out there and be consistent with your content, it can mean a world of difference for your video content.


As Entertainment World says it best, Ryan Reynolds has taken the world by storm with his exceptional marketing prowess and continues to grab viewers attention. His ability to create video content that captures you from the first 3 seconds is great along with his short video style that is very easily re-watchable.

Although he has a massive production budget and rich, this marketing should not be ignored and he has been able to amass an audience around his movies but also around his creative team. It would be great for him to shout out the team that he has behind him so the world can see the awesome writers that have helped make content that has made us feel a lot of different emotions!

As for you, the reader, I would suggest trying out all three of these recommendations for your video because you do not need a massive production budget to get it done. In actuality you can truly make a impact on someone with the 3 tips that we went through above.

I wish you all the best in your efforts and go see Free Guy! Awesome movie and actually as good as people say it is which is rare! (I wish this post was sponsored but unfortunately not)

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