#19 – Siddharth Peters & The Total Office Gives Us Lessons In Office Designs While Debunking The Biggest Myths In The Industry

When you acquire a great responsibility I often remember uncle ben’s greatest quote: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

This was evident in our next guest who was passed down The Total Office which is a company that focuses on office design. His name is Siddharth Peters and he has not only managed The Total Office but also his other company Love That Design is truly one of the most important companies in the design space.

Love That Design highlights some of the best architectures and designers within the industry and provides us all with a better idea of the world of design. Through the use of clever advertising, interviews and now a SaaS platform that allows designers to work more efficiently, Love That Design has become a household name in the design sector.

What Can I Tell You About The Man Himself? Siddharth Peters.

Well he is Canadian just like your host and has ties to Vancouver, Canada. He is someone who looks to help others with his time, he has been able to volunteer in remote areas to provide water for the underprivileged. He continues to make an impact on the world around him and continues to look for more ways to reinvent the way we live our lives.

As you will learn in the podcast, Siddharth has a great knowledge of the world around him and for those entrepreneurs out there, he might have given you an idea of the century in this episode. I won’t give it away here but check out the episode to check it out in further detail!

Siddharth will continue his work volunteering and looking for even more ways to positively effect the industry that wakes him up in the morning.

What Did We Learn From This Episode?

I will tell you the truth, this episode was recorded in one of the nicest offices I have ever visited and living in Dubai, that is saying a lot! The place had living walls, ergonomic chairs, open concept designs and a Caffé Americano for the ages.

This podcast has allows me to meet some of the most incredible people and I believe I might be just scratching the surface of what will become of this side project of mine.

So what did I learn? I learn that we need to do a better job with our planet. One of the best quotes of the episode was the following:

There is less of that thinking (about environment) on a corporate level….. but there is a lot of that thinking for a PR level for the corporation.

Siddharth Peters

As we continue to place a massive emphasis on cryptocurrency, going to space, and everything else, our planet is continually being neglected. We are turning a blind eye to the world that we live on. Sometimes I think people think its a joke, so they treat everything that’s said about the environment as just that, a joke.

Do you all know how much energy cryptocurrency uses to be called the “money of the future” its crazy that everyone is going mad over this and not thinking about the ramifications of it all.

The episode dived head first into all these issues and I was super happy about the direction we turned closer to the end of this one. You should all listen until the end so you can hear all the insight that was shed on this topic as that is where I shifted my focus for this episode.

For me, this was a very informative episode that helped me better understand that the world needs change and it starts with corporations. It is great to advance with technology but at what cost?

More To Come

We have a lot more interviews coming to your door! I want to provide some value in some aspect so this is the perfect way to do it.

This episode in particular drew us all closer to the world of environmentally sustainable design and the changes that face us all at this moment in time. We are at a crucial moment in our lifetime and I think I’m becoming a lot more conscious of the environment as these episodes go on.

Try being a vegetarian for a day and see what happens, it feels great once in a while! It’s not only the act of being vegetarian it’s more the idea of just being present when it comes to new initiatives and trying your best to support different efforts across the globe. There is always something we can do to change the little piece of the world that we sit on.

I hope you all love this episode and take the message to heart! We can’t thank Siddharth Peters enough for even taking a bit of his time to speak with me.

Let’s all do our part for the planet and continue to learn about the industries that are changing our lives.

“I think people being aware of something wider then themselves is important”

See past episodes below:

Key Sections Of The Episode:

Introduction: 0:00-1:00

Making The Leap Into Design: 4:00-5:50

His Passion For Volunteering: 6:00-9:45

Debunking Myths In Office Furniture: 10:00-19:45

Trends In Design & Architecture: 19:50-31:30

Recent Activities With The Total Office & Love That Design: 31:51-34:35

Cities & Countries With Exceptional Designs: 34:40-37:20

What Makes Dubai So Special For Architecture & Design: 37:30-41:00

Emerging Technologies In Construction Within Dubai & Other Cities: 41:10-44:20

Making Design More Environmentally Sustainability: 44:21-54:00

Final Thoughts: 54:03-56:22

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