Episode #9 – How To Create More Sustainable Projects With Henry Gordon-Smith

How can we make the future that we all enjoy? How can we incorporate urban farms inside residential areas and act environmentally consciously when we construct these areas? In this new podcast episode, I had the opportunity to sit with Henry Gordon-Smith. He is the founder of a consulting company called Agritecture. In this companyContinue reading “Episode #9 – How To Create More Sustainable Projects With Henry Gordon-Smith”

Property Marketers Episode 7: Earthships

We have a new episode for everyone! This episode is one of my longest and most thoughtful interviews with someone who I think is truly a amazing person. We were able to speak with Ian Hearns. He is a carpenter based out of Ontario, Canada who has been building homes since high school. I lovedContinue reading “Property Marketers Episode 7: Earthships”