Daily Short Marketing Tip #1

Make yourself valuable by learning copywriting courses. Copywriting can allow you to become a wise monk of words. Check out some resources below for more courses you can take along with youtubers you can subscribe too. Resources: https://www.creative-copywriter.net/courses/copywriting-courses https://www.udemy.com/topic/copywriting/ Check back tomorrow for more short marketing tips. Thank you!

How To Start Building A Audience Around Your Interest

It’s no surprise that audience building and acquiring customers has been a problem for a lot of people during this pandemic. We are constantly reminded with what is going on and we constantly hear new developments. Sometimes it can seem impossible to actually gain clients at this point in time with all the doom andContinue reading “How To Start Building A Audience Around Your Interest”

Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Campaigns: Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

Building and using a email list has to be one of the most important parts of your business and for good reason! Email marketing is only growing and with the help of several different platforms you can build the email marketing campaigns that you always wanted! In this new blog post I would like toContinue reading “Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Campaigns: Beginners Guide To Email Marketing”

The Best Ways To Gain Confidence In Sales: 3 Simple Examples

So for many people who first enter into a sales role the fear of being rejected is the first thing that comes to mind. Will I be able to handle it? Do I have to make that next call? This can lead to many people questioning there abilities to perform within there roles. When youContinue reading “The Best Ways To Gain Confidence In Sales: 3 Simple Examples”

The Ultimate Ways To Make Sales Less Monotonous

Hi everyone! If you’re in sales (like me) and you’re experiencing the most common problem facing the sales industry, then listen up! Not a day goes by that I do not get this same complaint about sales being monotonous and repetitive. It’s the most common excuse and it’s the reason why several people just quit.Continue reading “The Ultimate Ways To Make Sales Less Monotonous”

Hidden Tips For Objection Handling

So, some people actually think that objection handling should not exist. They think you should have everything sorted out with the sale that you should never have to do this. I hold a different view to this. For me, objection handling is completely a member of the sales cycle. When you speak with someone forContinue reading “Hidden Tips For Objection Handling”