Daily Short Marketing Tip #1

Make yourself valuable by learning copywriting courses. Copywriting can allow you to become a wise monk of words. Check out some resources below for more courses you can take along with youtubers you can subscribe too. Resources: https://www.creative-copywriter.net/courses/copywriting-courses https://www.udemy.com/topic/copywriting/ Check back tomorrow for more short marketing tips. Thank you!

#15 – How To Be A Better Marketer With Joey Kilrain & The DED Company

How long has been without a marketing post on my blog? Too long. I hope this new episode of the podcast can help being some value to your marketing campaigns and small businesses. This episode is focused around marketing and we all can become better at it with time and patience. Sprinkled into the episodeContinue reading “#15 – How To Be A Better Marketer With Joey Kilrain & The DED Company”

How Viral Marketing Works And How You Can Take Advantage Of It For Your Next Campaign

Viral marketing has become very popular for a long period of time. When organic information about a product or service spreads like wild fire across the internet, it can be said that viral marketing has occurred. Now that is the basis behind viral marketing but who are the people who have been using it toContinue reading “How Viral Marketing Works And How You Can Take Advantage Of It For Your Next Campaign”

Why You Need To Start A Podcast

Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog post! So if you haven’t already realized. I post a weekly podcast about unusual but elegant properties that I find interesting! This podcast idea came to me after realizing people might be interested in this side of things. After seeing the Apple TV Documentary “HOME” I realizedContinue reading “Why You Need To Start A Podcast”

3 Must-Have Google Tools For Your Online Business

We know who this is, we know what they do. Google has been around for a long time and they have been helping business run their online efforts for a long time now. They have done this by giving people some of the best tools in the game. Google is a powerful tool for everyoneContinue reading “3 Must-Have Google Tools For Your Online Business”

Increasing Your SEO: 5 Simple Ways To Rank Higher

Learn some of the ways you can use SEO in your website or blog. This is very necessary in 2021 and can be done in several different ways! Check out some of my suggestions.

Beginners Guide To Traffic Building On A New Website

Often times it can be a hard pill to swallow when you have spent time developing your website, making it look amazing and nobody is coming to it. Why? Well because your website needs traffic but fear not, it is not hard to get that traffic to your website and start gaining views. In 2021,Continue reading “Beginners Guide To Traffic Building On A New Website”