Opinion Post: Niche Marketing Business For Florist?

The biggest industry since this pandemic has started has been the florist or planting industry. People want to brighten up there home and they need some positivity in their lives right now. We all could use some positivity right now, more then ever before. This brings to mind a marketing idea for me. What ifContinue reading “Opinion Post: Niche Marketing Business For Florist?”

What Marketing Should You Focus On If You Are A Startup?

When you are just starting out on your business. It takes time to see results and see revenue. This deters a lot of people from actually allocating the right amount of time to focusing on the right area of marketing. Whether you are in the area of fin tech, construction or e-commerce, you need toContinue reading “What Marketing Should You Focus On If You Are A Startup?”

Why You Need To Start A Podcast

Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog post! So if you haven’t already realized. I post a weekly podcast about unusual but elegant properties that I find interesting! This podcast idea came to me after realizing people might be interested in this side of things. After seeing the Apple TV Documentary “HOME” I realizedContinue reading “Why You Need To Start A Podcast”

New Episode Of The Prop Marketer Show: How Can We Make Buying A Home Enjoyable?

Quick blog post here! I have made another podcast episode (In case the link below is not showing the newest episode, click the link) and it would be great to get everyones thoughts! In this episode we dive into some of the most unusual marketing I have ever seen from a mortgage broker called Habito!Continue reading “New Episode Of The Prop Marketer Show: How Can We Make Buying A Home Enjoyable?”

Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Campaigns: Beginners Guide To Email Marketing

Building and using a email list has to be one of the most important parts of your business and for good reason! Email marketing is only growing and with the help of several different platforms you can build the email marketing campaigns that you always wanted! In this new blog post I would like toContinue reading “Simple Ways To Boost Your Email Campaigns: Beginners Guide To Email Marketing”

5 Essential Copyrighting Tips For High End Marketers

How long should my Facebook post be? What length on Twitter will help me build the most engagement for my brand? What captions will put me on the biggest stage on Instagram? These are just some of the many questions we need to start asking ourselves before we continue to make new articles and captions.Continue reading “5 Essential Copyrighting Tips For High End Marketers”

5 Ways To Use Twitter’s Voice Tweet To Market Property

Twitter has a new update and this means tons of new content will be hitting your dashboard! Beyond the traditional 140 characters that you are used to on the platform. You are now able to produce content without lifting a finger. You can use your voice to engage your audience and provide value to allContinue reading “5 Ways To Use Twitter’s Voice Tweet To Market Property”

Best Way To Market Vacant Land

Recently, I was considered for a very unique company that specializes in office spaces. They provide you with the tools you need to find your next work space. The company has achieved success through the use of a organized website with a similar structure as Airbnb. As more and more businesses start to close theirContinue reading “Best Way To Market Vacant Land”