Everyone’s Most Important Tool In 2020

There is tons of discussion around the development of the camera. These discussions date back to the 1600’s and gain new life in the 1800’s when the first camera was developed. We often do not realize how important this tool has become for the world around us. Think about everything the camera has done forContinue reading “Everyone’s Most Important Tool In 2020”

Build Your Guerrilla Brands

On of my favourite sci-fi films of all time was Blade Runner 2049. In the film, the main character was approached by a advertisement. The massive advertisement reached out to the Ryan Goslings character like a dream! This made me think about the future of advertising and how ads will change over the years. AsContinue reading “Build Your Guerrilla Brands”

How To Become A Tik Tok Master Like The Pros

When you think of the future, you may think of flying cars and hover boards. From a marketing standpoint, you may see the holograms or massive billboards of content like in Tokyo. Japan has been a place of beautiful properties and some of the most futuristic real estate on the planet. For me, Japan isContinue reading “How To Become A Tik Tok Master Like The Pros”

Welcome To Your New Home!

“Useless and Monstrous” These are the words used to describe one of the greatest travel destinations on the planet. These are the words to describe the Eiffel Tower in the 1800’s. The tower has since become the hallmark of art and culture within Paris. Do you know how this great building started out as aContinue reading “Welcome To Your New Home!”