The Best Ways To Gain Confidence In Sales: 3 Simple Examples

So for many people who first enter into a sales role the fear of being rejected is the first thing that comes to mind. Will I be able to handle it? Do I have to make that next call? This can lead to many people questioning there abilities to perform within there roles. When youContinue reading “The Best Ways To Gain Confidence In Sales: 3 Simple Examples”

5 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Sales Roles: How You Can Gain An Advantage

There is one skill quality that has been around since the dawn of mankind and that is the ability to sell. Being in a sales role should not be taken lightly. The privilege to be able to sell a product and find new ways to sell that product to customers is by far one ofContinue reading “5 Secrets Nobody Tells You About Sales Roles: How You Can Gain An Advantage”

3 Reasons Why You Are Failing at Selling (And How You Can Overcome it!)

Sales is not easy. In fact its really hard to perfect and be consistent with on an ongoing basis. It takes determination to continue to develop new sales strategies and continue to learn the industry that you are selling. In anything you do, you are going to have those days that you feel like theContinue reading “3 Reasons Why You Are Failing at Selling (And How You Can Overcome it!)”

10 Most Unique Places To Market Your Brand

Let’s get right to the point. You need to build a brand in 2021 and you are running out of places to do it! As this pandemic continues to wage war on our favourite networking events, it may seem harder to find the right places to truly connect with your audience. We see the normalContinue reading “10 Most Unique Places To Market Your Brand”

5 Proven Ways To Find Great Clients!

Heres a thought going into this new year, what if you actually executed on even one thing you said you were going to do? Pick one of those business ideas floating around in your head and run with it…. How’d it go? If you are like most, you may have gotten into a stop inContinue reading “5 Proven Ways To Find Great Clients!”

Why You Need A Youtube Side Business

Long time no see everyone! For the past few days, my main focus has been on finishing my real estate license. I love real estate and I’m looking forward to the opportunity but right now I would like to begin a Youtube journey. Looking forward to the opportunity of showing you all what I haveContinue reading “Why You Need A Youtube Side Business”

The Ultimate Ways To Make Sales Less Monotonous

Hi everyone! If you’re in sales (like me) and you’re experiencing the most common problem facing the sales industry, then listen up! Not a day goes by that I do not get this same complaint about sales being monotonous and repetitive. It’s the most common excuse and it’s the reason why several people just quit.Continue reading “The Ultimate Ways To Make Sales Less Monotonous”

Hidden Tips For Objection Handling

So, some people actually think that objection handling should not exist. They think you should have everything sorted out with the sale that you should never have to do this. I hold a different view to this. For me, objection handling is completely a member of the sales cycle. When you speak with someone forContinue reading “Hidden Tips For Objection Handling”

The Secrets To Get People Excited About Your Industry

As my last blog revealed I have been studying to receive my real estate license since the beginning of this month. By calling brokerages and taking time to truly learn about the most important industry in the world, I have truly become excited about this industry. For me, real estate excites me and presents aContinue reading “The Secrets To Get People Excited About Your Industry”

Tips We Can Use To Move Forward In Life

The ultimate goal for us all is staying focused on a task at hand and moving in the direction we have chosen for ourselves! We should all be making decisions that help us accomplish goals we set out for our lives. Whether that goal is financial gain, finding positive friendships, or surrounding yourself with likemindedContinue reading “Tips We Can Use To Move Forward In Life”