#21 – Natalia Lorca Takes Us Through Her Cave Home & Architecture Across The Globe

We don’t stop people! Just take prolonged breaks.

In this new episode of the property marketer show we speak with someone who truly has captured my attention with her photography and artistic talent.

We sit down with Natalia Lorca Ruiz, she is an architect based in Almería, Spain. As some of you may know, I have spent some time in Murcia, Spain, a place not too far from Almería and let me tell you, the South of Spain is wonderful.

In this new episode of the show, Natalia takes us through her fantastic photography work along with her passion for her hometown of Cuevas del Almanzora. He hometown features a variety of cave homes and some of the oldest structures in Europe.

Natalia has traveled to over 40 different countries and today she takes us through some of the structures and architecture that she has seen along her journey. From Japan, New York and Spain, she has lived in multiple locations, to bring more perspective to her own architectural journey now.

This episode helped me understand how travelling, photography and an open mind can help you achieve so much in your career. Natalia’s pride for her work and overall excitement for the future of the industry gives me so much motivation to get more done in my life.

When you are looking for new ways to complete a project or looking for a new perspective to your work, take some time for yourself and look for different things that you enjoy about the task at hand.

We hope you enjoy hearing Natalia Lorca’s story and I can’t wait for you to hear more about the world of alternative living and design!

Featured Photos:

In this episode we took a deep dive into the incredible photography of Natalia in more detail. Below, I would like to give you an even better look at it all!

Sombras De Nueva York

In the photos below, we take a look at the event that was put on by Natalia and her crew. This was an event that happened in Spain and showcased some of the many photos of Natalia. Highlighting some of the work that has captured the attention of so many of her fans. Take a peak at the photos below for more information!

Teshima, Kumagaya-shi, Seto Islands

This structure was one of the most unique photos in the episode. This was a structure that was located on the islands in Japan. Not many people have the chance to take photos of this structure and this photo truly captures how uniquely made this structure is. Learn more about what Natalia had to say about this one in the episode.

Portlligot Museum House

For me, I wanted to end on a lighter note and speak about how museums have brought so much inspiration to the lives of architects. In the photo below we see Natalia herself capturing the essence of this sculpture. What do you think about museums and do you think there should be more museums created in more remote areas across the globe?

See you in the next episode everyone! Check out this episode below to listen to Natalia Lorca! She is an awesome person and looking forward to more photography, architecture and fashion from her in the future.

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