How To Get A Bigger Audience On Social Media: The Networking Guide

What? This must be Christmas in August, we are back today to give you a new blog post about one of the most important aspects in creating a business, your network.

Now, why is a network so important?

A network can mean a lot of things to your business. There are people who have based their entire business and career from the people that they have met in the past. The people you meet can now become the reason you become one of the greatest brands on the planet.

Today, we will speak about the power a network can have on your career and how you can acquire a network that will help you succeed! If you have an interest in networking, check out my earlier post about it here.

Why Is A Network Important?

A network can do several things for you and your life. As I recently moved to Dubai, I have noticed the power a network can have on the world around you. People can sometimes even define you by the people you associate yourself with which can be a negative and a positive for you so be careful!

But why is a network important? Why do you need one?

My simple answer would be because it can help you generate more money. This is the traditional answer but their are other aspects of a network that can help you throughout your life.

For example, think about doing business in a country you know nothing about and you would like to build something that will last forever. A network could help you gain a better understanding of the landscape and help you market yourself by taking into account the people around you.

Sure you can do your pre-research but there is nothing like having a man on inside. Think about it, companies hire freelancers within the countries of original because they know these people have a knowledge of the land.

Take the time to develop a network of trusted people and you can move so much further in life. Let me show you how I have been building my network so far in Dubai below.

LinkedIn Connections

This must be the ultimate way to build a network in this world. LinkedIn is a massive place to build an audience and to advertise for B2B and B2C businesses.

For me, I just started to use LinkedIn in a way that has become beneficial to me and my career. If you start to look at LinkedIn as a social network, you open the door to a world of possibilities for yourself.

From my understanding, one of the most popular ways to get attention and connections on this application is to tell your story through video. As you can see, I have not done this to perfection yet (But stay tuned).

Another great way to gain connections is by using the personal invite note. This is where you start to play the copywriting game. You may not know the person, you may not be in the same industry but you can still build your network with these people through personal invites.

Here is some tips when it comes to the personal invite:

  • Provide value
  • Provide value
  • Provide value

How? Well one way is to start posting content that you enjoy. Once you have started to post more about your interest, people start to take notice. Give them this line: “If you are looking for news and updates within the *blank* or *blank* industry, then I might be the perfect profile for you”.

You see if you are going to add someone to your network, the least you can do is provide value to their lives through your post! This has helped me scale my LinkedIn tremendously and it is only the beginning.

If you would like to learn more about the power of LinkedIn and the platform in general, we have tons of resources to help you navigate the LinkedIn monster! See our previous post here.

Social Events

How do you build a network without meeting people in person? You use LinkedIn but what about if the person does not use it often? Well there are other options on the table for you.

Social events are truly popular in Dubai and I have been able to meet several people from just walking out of my house. The city smaller than expected and that means you might be able to find familiar faces around every corner which also means your reputation can be tarnished easily.

Regardless, I would recommend to get on sites like and find different in-person events that will allow you to get out of your comfort zone for just enough time to meet someone new. If you are the type to stay indoors, you are not alone but that could mean you now have something to talk about with the other introvert at the table.

The best decision is to make a decision and one decision you can make is to attend a social event with random people that can become your best friends throughout your time in whatever city you’re in.

I would also recommend doing different sport activities. I joined a Muy Thai class and it has truly allowed me to be more social and energetic about meeting new people. A network can help you across any career or city and placing an emphasis on this area of your life can be truly beneficial to you.

Qualifying Your Network

The next stage in the process is finding qualified audiences for the network that you have now built. So how do you know this network will work for you? And how do you know your network will even be beneficial to you?

The idea of qualifying your audience means you are taking the time to ask them questions related to their business and learning about their current needs. This is the process of taking all the information you know about that person and finding new ways to provide value to them. This “value” could be your companies services or it could be your charisma! Whatever you are offering to that person, make sure you are taking the time to evaluate the situation and determine if it is all worth it you and your business.

What kind of questions do I ask when qualifying? See below:

  • What are the ambitions of that person/business?
  • What are the future goals of the person/business?
  • Can anything you are doing currently help or impact that person/business?

These are just some of the different questions I try to ask the person or business before I begin to develop a partnership. It may take time to develop some sort of relationship with your audience but it can be a rewarding situation for you both if all goes well.


Your network can be massive or it can be niche. You can find new areas where you can build your network by providing value. The key is to provide value beforehand and develop yourself as a thought leader before reaching out to network with others.

As we pointed out in this discussion networking can be done in a variety of ways such as LinkedIn and social events. These are important tools for anyone who is looking to develop a network that will last into the future.

Once it is all said and done, qualifying your network is the next stage in the process. Determine if this is the right person you would like to do business with or continue communications with.

My network has been growing tremendously since I have moved to Dubai and I think it has something to do with the idea of doing something unconventional. People enjoy hearing a story and if you can present a unique story, you might find a network is an easy thing to find.

All the best on your networking journey!

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