How To Create Unique Content During “Uncertain Times”

This post might be a little late but hey maybe you can still use some of the tips as we continue to see a rapid change in the way we advertise. 

The above video shows us that originality is truly what is hurting a lot of brands these days. Following the crowd but changing your walk slightly doesn’t mean you are walking on your own path, you are still following. 

So this brings us to the question. What can you do? What can we do differently that will set a new path for our brands? 

Well the road to original content isn’t easy but it is not impossible either. You need to be able to adapt through market research and utilize the one thing nobody else can copy, your story! 

In this new post, I will be writing about how we all can stay original during such “uncertain time” without sounding like puppets on a string. 

We will dive into how you can tell a story with your brand, collaborate with your competitors to ACTUALLY show togetherness, and share some examples of others who have decided to take a different path during this time. 

(Listen up because we have the valuable content that will make you want to sing!) 

What Are The Difficulties Of Marketing During COVID & How Can You Get Around Them? 

Truth is that you will sound slizzy no matter what you do during this event. You’re not going to win everyone’s heart over with your advertisement but you may win over your target audience and you might complete your campaign goals. 

So the first thing you need to realize is that you are about to embark on a journey that might not be respected by everyone but could create tons of positive feedback down the line. 

How can you do this? Well you can start by evaluating your brand the company trajectory. Ask the following questions: 

  • What are you hoping to achieve? 
  • Where is your company currently? 

Having that company actualization can mean a world of difference if you are seeking to level up your covid marketing style. Take a realistic look at your current goals and objections and approach them head on before you look to change lives during uncertain times. 

So what are the ideas you can use to get started in creating content that doesn’t sound like everyone else? 

Make Friends With Competitors 


For me, it matters way more for me when I see a company has taken the time to develop a understanding of the competitors. 

Think about it. In sales and in marketing it is important to not only know what you do well but it’s also important to understand what your competitors does well too. This will allow you to look like an expert in front of potential prospects. 

In this case, sometimes it isn’t enough to know your competitors but it can also be effective to work with them to create and develop content. 

For example, Coke and Pepsi. These two companies complement each other in a splendid manner. They are able to create options in the minds of the consumer through collaborating.

When I customer sees a Coke or a Pepsi they usually JUST see those options. This creates the question, do I want a Coke or a Pepsi? Rather then do I want to drink a soda right now?

When it comes to these uncertain times, sometimes it can be valuable to show togetherness rather than just talk about it in an advertisement. Show that you are the brand that will come together to achieve a common goal. 

Use Unoriginal Marketing To Your Advantage 

I would suggest you take the time to research, not only your competitors but also the marketing from a more broad perspective during a time like this one. 

Take a look at industry experts, though leaders and people outside of your circle of competence. You may not know where inspiration for your business will strike so make sure you are keeping a open eye to the world around you. 

For example, if you are in the technology industry, check out how big names in the car industry are doing right now. As you see in the video above, this type of marketing wasn’t just a single industry problem.

These commercials where from several people from diverse backgrounds. Be knowledgeable and willing to change your way of thinking. 

We are creatures of habit. No matter if you are a individual or a large company. Sometimes you can fall into the pattern or habit of following what everyone else is doing. How can you break out of it?

Learn from past players from across several industries and develop advertising that sticks with the goal you have set for your company. 

Spread Positivity


This one might be one of the easiest ones on the list because this is exactly the mission that a lot of brands are trying to convey. 

When I say spread positivity I mean giving people a reason to follow your next move. When a company is so focused on providing positivity energy in their content, it can shift the mindset of the consumer. 

Think about it, when you are looking at CNN for hours or news that is always depressing, you yourself might receive that same dose of depression too. This is why it is so important for brands to offer consumers positivity. 

Especially during uncertain times, don’t try to be the shoulder to cry on, show that you have BEEN that shoulder for a while now. Give examples of the work you have been doing in the community and how you have been helping efforts. Show the results you have been seeing and rather than building up the issue, tell the world what actions you have been taking to address it. 

Yes, your competition might do the same but at the very least you will be doing something to help someone else and that might be the biggest reward you can give to your company. 


The road to originality, it’s not a walk in the park. People have been working on this idea for a long time. 

How can we provide original content? What are we going to do differently then our competitors? 

As I have outlined in this new post, you want to ask the right questions from your business. Make sure you are looking at the current state of your business before you start to look for original content because at the end of the day, you might already be the most original company in the game. Own that originality and move forward. 

Determine the best way to stay original by creating content that speaks to the originality of your brand. 

While you are searching for the most original piece of pie. Take a look at the people inside and outside your industry to find more original ideas for your brand. It can mean a world of difference when you take the time to look outside your industry circle once in a while. 

Lastly, be the company that spreads positivity. This can sometimes mean being a humanitarian or being the person that wants to do more for others. Rather then saying “we are here for you” show everyone that you HAVE been there for people and here is what happened!

Sometimes being the most original person in the room means being the person that simply wants to do more to help customers grow.

Take a look at more of my original content below:

Lastly, new podcast coming Monday everyone, stay tuned!~~~

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