Property Marketers Episode 7: Earthships

We have a new episode for everyone!

This episode is one of my longest and most thoughtful interviews with someone who I think is truly a amazing person.

We were able to speak with Ian Hearns. He is a carpenter based out of Ontario, Canada who has been building homes since high school.

I loved hearing about his story and truly learning about his life. He was able to give new light to the concept of earth homes and Earthships. For anyone that is interested in this form of living, this is a great episode.

Ontario has several Earthships (with only New Mexico topping it), Earthships have taken the globe by storm and have started to trend dramatically now.

In this episode Ian Hearns offers you everything you will need to make a great decision on your new home.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

#27 – From 0$ To An Award Winning Design Studio In Dubai (Ft. Special Guest: Mihir Sanganee) Property Marketers Show

There are 100+ architecture firms in the UAE. There are also several upcoming architects that want a piece of the blossoming UAE architecture and design scene.  With some of the world's largest megaprojects, the UAE has cemented itself as one of the best places to be a designer as they continue to push the bar on what is possible within the industry.  For this new episode, we spoke with someone who knows what it takes to see success within the UAE and bring their vision to life. His name is MIhir Sanganee and the company Design Smith has been recognized on some of the biggest stages in the Middle East.  Being raised in the UAE has its advantages and disadvantages and Mihir and his team has been able to raise to success despite all the obstacles that have been placed against them.  It takes a real team to develop some of the most fantastic interiors and architecture work that this organization has put together and I'm excited to tell their story in this new episode.  If you are looking to put together your dream home, upgrade your interiors in your villa, office, or restaurant then we have the people to call below:  The Design Smith Team Official Website: Instagram: Would you like to get in touch with the Mihir? We have you covered:  Instagram:  LinkedIn: We are wishing the Design Smith team incredible success and looking forward to seeing even more awesome projects such as the ones listed in the episode below:  BordoMavi, Three By Eva Private Luxury Villa (Al Khawaneej) Private Diamond Boutique Office (Check out images here) Stay tuned for more property marketers show and make sure to follow our LinkedIn page for more updates:  Linkedin: 
  1. #27 – From 0$ To An Award Winning Design Studio In Dubai (Ft. Special Guest: Mihir Sanganee)
  2. #26 – How To Make Your Small Space A Massive Success Story With NEVER TOO SMALL
  3. #25 – Ezekiel Bassey & Haap Teach Us All About How Co-Living Works In The Richest Country In Africa
  4. #24 – Hustro (Ernest & Łukasz) Give Us Everything We Need To Know About The Future Of Construction Technology
  5. #23 – Krill Design (Sofia & Domiziana) Tells Us Everything About The First 3D Printed Lamp Made From Orange Peels

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