New Podcast: Tiny Homes With Craig Ebersole

Hi everyone,

We just released another podcast for everyone to enjoy! This is a special one because this is my first interview with a actual tiny home owner!

It would be great if everyone could take a listen to this one and tell me what you think!

We had some technical difficulties around the end there but we brought it home for everyone to understand at the end!

This is a great podcast episode because this is a person that I think could push this podcast to another level. He gave great insight about tiny homes and everything you can do to truly make it your own!

He was impartial and tried his best to give everyone the best ways to truly understand his point of view. He was a great guest and I am looking forward to the next one!

If you would like to see his YouTube channel, you can check it out here: Craig

On his YouTube he gives more information about his journey building his home! Genuine individual, go check him out.

See the podcast below too.

#30 – Talking About Dubai Architecture, Crazy EXPO 2020 Stories, & The Future Of Design With Andrew Theunissen & Ace Of Spaces Property Marketers Show

If you had the chance to refurbish the royal palace in holland as your first design project? Well that is exactly what happened to our new guest of the property marketer show!  Andrew Theunissen and his team at Ace Of Spaces are big on creating experiences across the globe and giving everyone the chance to truly experience great designs from Dubai and his home country in Holland.  In this 45 min interview, we talked about all things architecture and design along with learning more about what it takes to create a successful agency like Aces Of Space.   Now, full disclaimer. This audio has problems so I included a video on youtube that you can find below for more context.  So what did we talk about in this interview?  – Introductions such as the Aces Of Space company, Andrew himself, and the story about how we met at Expo 2020  – Talking more about his past work, messages for inspiring architects   – Getting Andrews Opinion On Expo 2020, Alserkal Avenue, Biophilic Architecture, Minimalism  – Asking about potential designs of the future   – Closing remarks and final thought on some of the trends in the industry.    Now this is only the first episode we have accompanied with a video but in the past we have recorded several episodes around topics that include: Tiny Homes, trends in architecture, earthships, proptech, alternative agriculture, DIY projects and much more. Would you like to learn more about my guest?  Website: Along with this audio comes our first youtube video which you can watch me and Andrew speak in a studio!  Check out the video here: Lastly, remember to subscribe to our Youtube for more videos and to our podcast as I continue to look for awesome guest that will provide value to the show!  Thank you and enjoy. 
  1. #30 – Talking About Dubai Architecture, Crazy EXPO 2020 Stories, & The Future Of Design With Andrew Theunissen & Ace Of Spaces
  2. #29 – Everything You Need To Know About How Urban Planning Works In Abu Dhabi (Ft. Misha Mittal)
  3. #28 – Here's What You Don't Know About The Co-Living Space (Ft. Marc Föster Algás & Karisma)
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